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Rathbone Weekly Commentary
September 18, 2017

Bond man’s Bluff Central bankers whipsawed gilt markets last week. After months of downward pressure on yields, the 10-year flew from 0.99% to 1.31% in a week. A much more aggressive Bank of England (BoE) was the cause. Only two Monetary Policy Committee mem...

August 2017 Monthly Market Commentary & Forecast
September 17, 2017

INTRODUCTION From Our Founder As we wrap up the final days of summer, we take stock of what has turned out to be a rather cool, wet and, in many ways, cruel season. Our thoughts go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in August who have sustained the ravages of ...

Aviva Investors Canada Inc. Fixed Income Quarterly Commentary - June 2017
July 28, 2017

GLOBAL ECONOMIC REVIEW AND OUTLOOK Over the course of H2 2017, global growth accelerated, led by a broad-based recovery in industrial production. Policy support in China saw increased demand for raw materials, pushing up commodity prices, while the stabilization in oil...

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