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Stone Asset Management Limited Funds Win Two Fundata Awards for 2015 Performance

Date: February 8, 2016

TORONTO, February 8, 2016 Stone Asset Management Limited (“Stone”) congratulates our Portfolio Managers on their recent wins for industry-leading fund performance at the 2015 Fundata FundGrade A+ Awards.

Stone’s award-winning funds are Stone & Co. Flagship Global Growth Fund and Stone Global Balanced Fund, both top performers in their respective categories.

“At Stone, we are dedicated to creating long-term value through our active and disciplined investment process built on the principle of Growth Over Time®.” said Richard Stone, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer. “Congratulations and thank you to Global Balanced Fund’s Lead Portfolio Manager, Mohsin Bashir, and the Fund’s sub-advisory team at Aviva Investors Canada, Inc., lead by Sunil Shah, and to the team led by James Thomson at Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited, who are the sub-advisors for the Flagship Global Growth Fund. Stone prides itself on the strengths of both our in-house Portfolio Managers and the quality of our sub-advisory relationships. These awards recognize Stone Funds in each of our exclusive Pure Total Return® and Pure Growth ® mandates, proof that our investment process and philosophy deliver for our investors.”

The winners and categories are as follows:

 Category  Winner (All Series)
 Global Equity  Stone & Co. Flagship Global Growth Fund
 Global Neutral Balanced  Stone Global Balanced Fund
  Winning Fund Performance (as at December 31, 2015)



 COMPOUND  1 mo  3 mo  6 mo YTD 1 yr  3 yr 5 yr  10 yr Since Inception*
 Series A 2.7   9.0  11.2  27.9   27.9  24.5  15.8  8.0  3.7
          *Inception Date:  December 31, 1998


Stone Global Balanced Fund

 COMPOUND  1 mo  3 mo 6 mo  YTD  1 yr 3 yr  5 yr  10 yr  Since Inception*
 Series AA  0.8  3.6  2.8  8.4 8.4 9.9  7.7  n/a  9.4
          *Inception Date:  December 31, 2008


The Fundata FundGrade A+ Awards are presented annually to Canadian investment funds that achieve consistently high FundGrade scores through an entire calendar year. In 2015, 223 top-performing Canadian mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and segregated funds from 48 fund companies were awarded a FundGrade A+ Rating.  FundGrade A+ is a supplemental calculation to the FundGrade ratings and is performed at the end of each calendar year. Eligible funds must have received a FundGrade rating every month in the previous year. FundGrade A+ uses a “GPA-style” calculation, where monthly FundGrades from “A” to “E” receive scores from 4 to 0, respectively. A fund’s average score for the year determines its GPA. Any fund with a GPA of 3.5 or greater is awarded an A+ rating.

For more information on the FundGrade rating system, visit

About Stone Asset Management Limited

Stone Asset Management Limited (“Stone”) provides investment management services via distinctive investment mandates, overseen daily by the disciplined execution of a proprietary investment process and investment philosophy. Access to Stone investment mandates can be achieved via a family of open-end mutual funds, pooled funds, and Stone Private Wealth Management services. Stone’s expertise ranges from servicing Canada’s retail investors working with their financial advisors to the complexities of working directly with Family Offices, endowments and foundations. At Stone, we want our investors to sleep well, knowing they have the financial resources to live well. For more information, visit

About Fundata Canada Inc.

Fundata Canada Inc. has been providing data aggregation and dissemination services to the Canadian media and financial marketplace since 1987. Fundata is a major provider in the distribution of fund and stock information in Canada. Our database contains data on over 31,000 investment products. Fundata provides customized data feeds, top-shelf analytics, cutting-edge software tools, and seamless hosted web solutions for fund companies, back office systems, investment planners, banks, trust companies, resellers and redistributors, and online, print, and broadcast media channels.

About the Fundata FundGrade A+ Rating

The FundGrade A+ Rating identifies funds that have been consistent FundGrade A-Grade performers over the past calendar year. It’s the only objective rating system available in the market that’s based solely on risk-adjusted performance history and that takes into account the consistency with which a fund is ranked at the top of its CIFSC class.

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