About Stone ESG Funds


About Stone’s ESG Fund Offering

Ethically-focused investors can now access an ESG mandate in Stone’s investment fund line-up.

The fund benefits from the investment expertise of Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited, who have managed the Stone Global Growth Fund since 2010 and have delivered exceptional long-term performance for our investors.

The fund managers use the screening services of Rathbone Greenbank Investments, based in Bristol, UK, one of the world’s leading authorities on ESG investing. Rathbone Greenbank continues to build on over 20 years’ experience in managing investments in a way that plays an active part in creating a more sustainable world. Learn more about Rathbone Greenbank here.

The Stone Global Sustainability Fund invests in companies whose activities are aligned with sustainable development and, therefore, support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These companies have strong policies and practices regarding environmental, social and governance issues, generally referred to as “ESG”.

Focus on ESG will continue to gain momentum as governments and investors alike place greater emphasis on these factors. Stone believes that ESG companies are well-positioned to deliver long-term value creation for investors.