Sleep well, knowing
you’ll have the financial
resources to live well


Since our inception, we have built our legacy on a commitment to independence and doing the right things for our investors.

Stone Asset Management Limited (“SAM”) is an independent firm, our portfolio manager selection process is conflict-free.

We enjoy the freedom to seek the best managers available, including proven third-party managers who align with our distinctive investing approach.

Wealth creation starts with partnership

We are accessible to our investors and focused on creating and nurturing lasting partnerships. We treat people like
our own friends, communicating in a straightforward way as we share our thoughts openly and honestly.


Since our inception, we have remained committed to our core corporate values:

  • Help our investors achieve their long-term financial goals beyond just providing a return on their money
  • Provide the best possible customer service by listening and responding to our investors’ needs
  • Conduct our business in the highest professional and ethical manner
  • Satisfy our employees’ desire for professional growth and encourage their participation in our community

Our clients come first

We are not bank-owned or have other competing priorities that may unduly influence how we conduct business or
manage our funds. We develop and evolve our product lineup based solely on meeting client needs.

Get to know Stone

Stone Asset Management Limited (“SAM”) provides investment management services via distinctive investment mandates, overseen daily by the disciplined execution of a proprietary investment process and investment philosophy.

At Stone, we want you to sleep well knowing you’ll have the financial resources to live well.