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The Gale & Rick Stone Foundation

The Gale & Rick Stone Foundation was established in 2009 to honour the memory of our Founder’s wife, Gale Stone. The Foundation believes that every child has the right to thrive and grow to reach his or her potential. Recognizing that children need the opportunity to acquire life skills essential to becoming productive citizens, The Foundation has an interest in funding programs in the areas of adolescent growth and development, financial literacy, arts and culture and finally, civics.

Stone Employee Charity Days

Since our launch in 1995, one of our core corporate values has been: “To satisfy our employees’ desire for professional growth and encourage their participation in our community.” In 1995 we also established the Stone Charity Day Program, which allows each of our employees to spend two paid business days per year volunteering for the charity of their choice. For 2017, this will equal approximately 46 days of volunteer work provided by Stone employees to the Canadian charitable community.