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Fund Details

Fund Structure

Pooled Fund

Fund Mandate

Pure Total Return®

Fund Manager

Stone Asset Management Limited

Fund Offering

Offered pursuant to an Offering Memorandum

Fund Dividend Frequency


Minimal Initial Investment

Accredited Investors $25,000, Non-accredited Investors $150,000

Pooled Highlights & Objectives

  • Investment solution that caters to growing generational need for income with growth.
  • Skill-based asset management team providing performance within a total return fund mandate.
  • Proven ability to provide investors a high return for a low level of risk.
  • A core Fund for appropriate investors’ risk tolerance levels.

Pooled Strategies & Benefits

  • Performance focus is Total Return, a combination of income and capital appreciation.
  • Portfolio of dividend growth companies, look for companies that consistently increase dividends.
  • Identify companies with a combination of an annualized dividend yield and internal growth rate > 10%.
  • Seek risk level lower than the market – target beta range is between 0.70 and 0.85 of the S&P/TSX Composite Index.
  • Benefit from the best of breed – companies that deliver growing dividends are rewarded with higher valuations.

Why Pooled Funds


  • Structured for Advisors that manage discretionary and non-discretionary fee-based accounts.
  • Investors benefit from lower expenses to operate the fund compared to front-end or back-end loaded mutual funds.
  • Management fee: 0.48% plus performance fee.
  • Tax benefit of corporate class structure.

Pooled Award-winning Leadership


  • North American focused asset management business.
  • Service both Retail and Institutional clients.
  • An award-winning asset management team founded on the principles of discipline, transparency and high standards for client service.
  • 100% Canadian independently-owned firm offering independent expertise within North America.
  • Growth Over Time® – it is our belief that long-term investing through active and disciplined investment mandates can benefit investors through economic cycles and mitigate short-term volatility.

Purchase Options

Series Type Code Current NAVPS Prior NAVPS NAVPS Change Net Asset Value Last Updated
1 Pooled SCL6400 $ 12.5850 $ 12.6076 -0.18% $ 10,157,955 2017-10-18
* Closed to new purchases.

Portfolio Managers

Mohsin Bashir
Vice President, InvestmentsMohsin BashirCFA, BA
Vice President, InvestmentsManager Start Date:2012
Experience:11 years of Investment Management

Rolling Returns (%)

Series 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month Year To Date 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Since Inception
1 1.7 1.0 (0.4) 1.8 4.8 3.4 6.3 n/a 5.9

Calendar Returns(%)

Series 20162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
1 10.7 (1.8) 11.9

Management Fees