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Richard G. Stone
Richard G. Stone CIM
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Manager Start Date: 1999
Experience: 36 years of Investment Management

Manager Bio

Our Team

Mr. Stone is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Stone Asset Management Limited (“SAM”). Richard founded SAM in 1999 following the launch of Stone & Co. Limited in 1995 where he continues to oversee the management, operations, and promotion of Stone Funds, Stone Flow-Through Limited Partnerships, and Stone Structured Products as Chief Executive Officer.

Richard began his investment career in 1979 as an advisor, working directly with individual investors to help them develop the framework to achieve their long-term financial goals. From 1986 to 1994, Richard moved to the distribution side of the mutual fund industry, where he held senior management positions at Canadian investment firms. In 1995, Richard obtained his Canadian Investment Management designation.