Sleep well, knowing
you’ll have the financial
resources to live well


Product Name Series A Series B* Series C* Series F Series L Series T8A Series T8B* Series T8C* Pool
Stone Dividend Growth Class SCL515 SCL516 SCL518 SCL517 SCL519 SCL5158 SCL5168 SCL5188
Stone EuroPlus Fund SCL715 SCL716 SCL717 SCL719 SCL7158
Stone Global Balanced Fund SCL415 SCL416 SCL417 SCL419 SCL4458 SCL4468 SCL4488
Stone Growth Fund SCL555 SCL556 SCL557 SCL559 SCL5558 SCL5568 SCL5588
Stone Global Growth Fund SCL995 SCL996 SCL997 SCL999 SCL9958 SCL9968 SCL9988
Stone Select Growth Class SCL885 SCL886 SCL887 SCL889
Stone GaleForce Dividend Growth Pool SCL6400
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