Private Wealth Management

Since 1999, Stone Asset Management Limited (“SAM”) has built our legacy on a commitment to independence and doing the right things for our investors.

As a proudly independent firm, SAM’s portfolio manager selection process is always conflict-free. We enjoy the freedom to seek the best managers available, including proven third-party managers who align with our distinctive investing approach.

When it comes to safeguarding and growing your wealth for future generations, we want you to place your trust in us – and sleep well.

Your legacy. Our priority.

When considering a private wealth manager, we would suggest that your due
diligence process include a review of the people, their investment philosophy,
investment process, the company’s business model and performance.

  • People – SAM provides you with proven experience, a culture of integrity, structure and a team of professionals highly motivated to provide results and work with you over the long term.
  • Investment philosophy & process – SAM has a clearly defined investment philosophy executed using a disciplined process which is a definable, uniquely tailored service for our clients.
  • Business model — SAM provides its services with the objective of aligning its interests with the client’s, ensuring it has sufficient infrastructure support and providing its employees with a sense of ownership and the full transparency that comes with that.
  • Performance – Our unwavering goal is to manage expectations with each individual’s personal performance target.

It’s all meant to help our clients sleep well, and important to consider when you’re selecting the right financial counselor.


We manage money in a way that puts you first—your interests, your goals and your vision for life. This is done with a careful and customized approach to each client’s individual situation, timeline and ultimate goals.

We have a patient investment time horizon, seeking Growth Over Time®, knowing that this critical factor is what ultimately helps achieve the most desirable financial outcome for you.

With Growth Over Time® being the reality that we want for you, providing you with the right solutions is a Stone hallmark. This is supported by two exclusive investment mandates: Pure Total Return® and Pure Growth®.

We employ Raymond James Correspondent Services (RJCS), a division of Raymond James Ltd. as our back-office administrator for our separately managed accounts. RJCS is one of North America’s leading full-service investment dealers with an extensive presence across Canada and the United States.

Partnership begins here. Talk to us.

We want to start the conversation about how to build your legacy … and help you sleep well.
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